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tide table
tide table

TIDES 4 FISHINGOperation Manual

Operation manual /1SELECTION OF LOCATION


Selection of location Selection of location

The first step you must perform is to select the reference location closest to your fishing location. You can change the location at any time by clicking on the magnifying glass icono lupa at the top. The location selection page offers several ways to select a reference location:

  • Search field. Find a location by entering its name.
  • Last place loaded. Direct links to the last visited country, region, and location.
  • My recent sites. List of the last recently visited locations.
  • Selection of continent. Click on a continent to access the list of countries. Select a country and then a region. Now you can see the list of reference locations available for the selected region, and also see the locations on an interactive map.
From the current page quickly access your last visited locations from the settings button icono ajustes, which you will find at the right side of the top.

Operation manual /2 DATE SELECTION


Date selection Date selection

Once the location is selected, from the main fishing prediction page prediction you have several ways to change the loaded day:

  • Days of the current week. The top of the main page shows the 7 days of the current week. Click on any day to load the prediction. You can also display the previous week previous and the following week following
  • Calendar. Press the button calendario to display the calendar. Select the month and year and then click on the day. Finally click ACCEPT to load the data from that day.
  • Tidal table. Clicking on a day on the tidal table is another convenient way to quickly load the prediction data for each day.
  • Drag your finger. Quickly navigate to the next and previous day by sliding your finger horizontally on the screen of your mobile phone.
  • Next/Previous Buttons. In the titles where the indicated date is loaded there may also appear arrows to directly load the previous and next day regarding the currently loaded date.
To take advantage of the full screen space it is possible for the header where the days of the week and the calendar are found to be automatically hidden according to your device screen. To show it again press the button menu. Also, if you move to the top the header will appear automatically.

Operation manual /3DISPLAY SETTINGS


Display settings Display settings

The display settings button is located on the right side of the website header icono ajustes. You should not confuse it with the browser settings button that appears with the address of the webpage. From the display settings you can set the format of hours and the units used to display the data.

All the times shown on tidal table are calculated according to the local time in each location. We have also had DST in regions with time change, so that the times shown on the website always match your time clock, and you do not have to add or subtract anything.

From the display settings button icono ajustes you also have access to your recent sites to quickly log in to your places of interest.

Operation manual /4NAVIGATION AID LINK


Side panel Side panel

The tidal table pages contain a lot of information and can be very long, especially when viewed on a mobile phone screen. That is why in all sections you have navigation aid links on the side panel to directly access the desired content.

On mobile devices and tablets click on the button menu to display the side panel.

Operation manual /5MAIN MENU


Main menu Main menu

In addition to the fishing prediction page loaded by default when selecting a location, you also have other sections with very useful information, which can be accessed from the main menu, found on the side panel as well.

Remember that on mobile phone and tablet devices you have to press the button menu to display the side panel.

Depending on the selected location, the following sections may appear in the main menu depending on whether there is information available for this place:

  • Fishing Prediction. Main page with the tides and solunar charts.
  • Weather forecast. Last updated forecast for the next hours and days.
  • Wind and waves. Hour-to-hour information on wind and waves, sea wind and sea depths.
  • Lunar calendar. Lunar phases and eclipses. Available until the year 4000.
  • Help. Understanding tides and solunar charts.

From any tidal table page, you can always return quickly to the main fishing prediction page by clicking on the name of the current location that appears in the header.



Infomation and help Infomation and help

If you are passionate about fishing, we recommend that you do not stop reading our help section on solunar charts to make the most of all the data presented on the website. Here you will find the keys to understanding the functioning of the solunar charts.

If you want to know how the phenomenon of the tides, the types of tides and currents occur see our help section on tides.

In the tidal coefficient section you will find an annual tidal coefficient table. Here you can quickly display those days of the year with your favorite coefficient.

Operation manual /7SHARE CONTENT


Social networks Social networks

Under each of the different sections of each page, you will find the buttons to share via Whatsapp and social networks.

The shared link will take you right to the location, page and section within the page that has been shared.

If you consider that any particular content may be of interest to a friend, we can send an email to them with the link to that content

Operation manual /8VIEWS OF THE TABLE


Tidal table on smartphone Tidal table on smartphone

Depending on the width of your device's screen it is possible that not all the columns of the tidal table will be initially displayed. In this case you have two buttons on the table to display the tidal data or the solunar data (and the tidal coefficient value).

You can also swipe your finger on the table to change views (scroll columns).

If you access the table from a mobile phone with a large enough screen, you can try to turn it by loading the complete table in landscape view.

Operation manual /9PRINT TABLE


Print table Print table

You can print the tidal table for the current month by pressing the print table button below the tidal table.

Note that we periodically adjust the harmonic constants to carry out prediction. We also modify the published data thanks to notifications of errors detected by the users. Therefore we recommend only printing the tidal table for the current month. Thus, if there is an error in any of the predictions, we will have more chances to have corrected it before you've printed the table and you will always have the most current information.

Operation manual /10TELL US YOUR OPINION


Contact form Contact form

We appreciate if you would contact us to give us your opinion. What do you use the page for? From which device do you normally access it and what do you think of the new adaptable format?

We want you to be an active part of this project and to communicate any doubts, errors or suggestions you want to convey to us.


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