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Purpose of logos and banners

If you have a blog or manage a forum or a website and consider that the information published in tides4fishing is of interest to your visitors, you can link any page using if you want the banners and logos below. Simply right-click on the image and then click on "save image as…".

Horizontal Skyscraper (728 x 90 px)

Small Horizontal Skyscraper (486 x 60 px)

Banner (450 x 90 px)

Banner (450 x 90 px)

Banner (300 x 60 px)

Banner (300 x 60 px)

Rectangular Logo (300 x 250 px)

Rectangular Logo (180 x 150 px)

Rectangular Logo (120 x 100 px)

Square Logo (250 x 250 px)

Square Logo (200 x 200 px)

Square Logo (150 x 150 px)

Square Logo (100 x 100 px)

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